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Student Leaders

Student Leaders

It takes a variety of roles and contributions to keep our Yellow Jackets marching. If you’re interested in taking on further responsibility and leadership within the band, read on to learn about the opportunities we offer.

Drum Majors

A drum major leading the band at a game.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

Drum majors serve as the highest “ranked” officer in the band, and the amount of responsibility they take on reflects that. They should be ready and able to serve as a band director when the directors are absent. As a result, this role requires knowledge of the music, drills, marching fundamentals, rehearsal procedures, marching procedures, and everything else that may fall under these categories. But above all, drum majors are expected to set a positive example in all aspects of the Marching Band.

Props Lieutenants

A group of students unloading a marimba after a gig.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

Our props lieutenants are responsible for the logistics of the band, both in preparing and maintaining instruments, and making sure that all necessary gear makes it to the site of the gig. They keep our vehicles clean and operational, and assess instruments for any repairs that are needed. This is a key role in keeping the band sounding its best.

Uniforms Lieutenants

A close up of a band shako with racks of uniforms in the background.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

Uniform lieutenants keep our Yellow Jackets looking their best. They ensure that our members are wearing the appropriate gear for the gig, and are wearing the right size. They check out uniforms at the beginning of the season, and keep them clean and inventoried when not in use.

Libraries Lieutenants

Two libraries lieutenants working inside the School library.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

These lieutenants maintain and protect master copies of all the music and drill formations the band performs. They make sure that no pages are missing from the master set, and make extra copies as needed. As new tunes are added to the band’s repertoire, they are also expected add the new music to the master sets.

Media, Communication, and Marketing Lieutenants

A social media lieutenant pointing his camera directly at you, the viewer.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

These lieutenants are how we keep the world updated on what we’re doing. Simply put, they are responsible for enhancing our presence on campus and throughout the Metro Atlanta area. They maintain our website, and add photo and video content as we create it. They also prepare materials used for information sessions.

Operations Assistants

A group of band students eating at a restaurant.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

When the band travels, a lot of questions need answering. What bus will each member ride on? Who will they room with? When and what will they be eating? The operations assistants answer these questions, and many more. They ensure that our band is where it needs to be, when it needs to be, and that travel, food and lodging are properly set up.

Staff Assistants

A staff assistant pushes a speaker off the field while the band sets up.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

The staff assistants are the backbone of what brings our performances to life. They take care of everything that’s needed ensure a performance happens: taking attendance to be sure everyone is present, making sure all the equipment and props are in the right places, handing out plumes to the band members, and clearing people out of walkways so the band can move through.

Section Leaders

A group of brass players in the middle of a routine.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

Section leaders set the tone for the rest of the band. They show up early, leave late, and project a positive and productive example to their fellow band members. They also help make sure that their section stays together, and knows the music. They are responsible for making sure that their section plays to the best of their ability.

RAT Parents

Two rat parents posing in front of the campanile.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

RAT Parents are the welcoming crew to the Marching Band. They help first years get acclimated to life at Georgia Tech, and not just life in the Marching Band. They attend FASET sessions, teach the traditions of the band to new members, and make sure that these new members know the protocols for practice, games, away trips, and everything else that comes with being part of the band. RAT Parents also get first years involved with activities to get them socialized, and provide an environment where they aren’t afraid to ask questions.

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