The Pep Band before a performance at the Super Bowl LIVE show.

Pep Bands

Pep Bands

What does the Marching Band do when football season is over? Pep Band, of course! The band splits into smaller bands that primarily serve two sports in the Spring Semester: Basketball, and Volleyball. 

Basketball Pep Band

The Pep Band during a performance in McCamish Pavilion.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

The Georgia Tech Pep Band is a vital part of the college basketball experience. Students have the opportunity to play in the highly energized and competitively intense environment of McCamish Pavilion.

Known for its outstanding basketball, Georgia Tech fields bands for both Men’s and Women’s Basketball games to help generate energy, excitement, and the home crowd intensity that our teams thrive on.

The Georgia Tech Pep Band attends all home games, local tournaments, the ACC tournament and attends post-season tournament games for their respective teams.

Volleyball Pep Band

Members of the Pep Band performing at a game.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

The Georgia Tech Volleyball Pep Band is known throughout the ACC for its enthusiasm and the atmosphere it helps create at O’Keefe Gym. The Volleyball Pep Band consists of members of the Marching Band who are required to attend assigned volleyball matches during the fall semester. Many Georgia Tech band members choose to attend several, if not all of the volleyball matches.


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