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The Spirit And Music Of Georgia Tech

Since its establishment, Georgia Tech has been a home for academic excellence, but it also has a rich tradition of athletic achievement, going all the way back to when John Heisman roamed the sidelines. Since 1908, the Marching Band has supported Georgia Tech athletics with spirited songs famed far and wide. We've played I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech all over the world!

Chris Moore sits in front of percussion instruments holding the sheet music for the song "Tom Sawyer" and his vinyl copy of "Permanent Waves."

Marching Band Director Pays Tribute To Neil Peart

"Anyone who knows a drummer can bet that drummer has a deep connection to Neil Peart. Peart’s musicianship is haunting, captivating and attracts experienced musicians and non-musicians alike."
-- Chris Moore

Our director of athletic bands shares insight about one of the percussion community's greatest heroes and remembers how the music of Rush affected the Georgia Tech Yellowjacket Marching Band as well as the fans in Bobby Dodd Stadium.


Our Purpose

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Marching Band serves two important purposes: to support Georgia Tech’s athletic programs and to represent the Institute around the globe. Achieving those goals requires hundreds of hours of work from hundreds of people putting in their best efforts to bring music and spirit to Institute events. 

This website documents the band, its 111-year history, and the people who come together to keep spirit and tradition alive at Georgia Tech.

Marching Band Groups

A member of the Color Guard spins an Atlanta flag during a performance.

Color Guard

An essential part of game day, the Color Guard brings exciting performances with every appearance.
The Drumline playing on the street outside the stadium before a football game starts.


A driving force for the band, the Georgia Tech drumline is one of the finest in the country.
Trombonists in the Pep band performing at a basketball game.

Pep Band

The Pep band brings excitement to the crowd every Spring semester, regardless of sport.
A twirler holding flaming batons in both her hands and teeth.


Traditionally known as the “Golden Girl”, the Twirler contributes pride and spirit to all Yellow Jacket fans.

History of the Marching Band

What started in 1908 with 14 passionate students has turned into a Georgia Tech institution. Read on to learn about the history behind the marching band: its different eras, incarnations, and people who made it all possible.

The Georgia Tech School of Music

A robotic hand playing the piano.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

As you might imagine, Georgia Tech's approach to music is very forward thinking, with technology taking the lead in our academic programs. The School offers undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs in Music Technology, along with performance opportunities from an impressive lineup of musical ensembles.


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