Plain clothes students practicing for a marching band performance in a field.

Future Jackets

Future Jackets

Interested in becoming a Yellow Jacket and leaving your mark on Georgia Tech? We’re always looking for new members, and there are plenty of good reasons to join during your time at Tech. Please fill out our Band Application to receive more information in our late Spring email.  

Represent Your School With Pride

The band dancing in the stands with fans while performing "The Horse"
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

The Yellow Jacket Marching Band is a melting pot of the best and brightest Georgia Tech has to offer. Wear the white and gold and make music while studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. You and your bandmates will be heard and seen on a national level.

The Marching Band while on a trip to Ireland.

Travel the Country, And Beyond

Wherever Georgia Tech athletics goes, so do the athletic bands. You will see cities all over the country and occasionally get the chance to travel internationally. If you enjoy visiting new places, a gig with the Marching Band is hard to beat.

Your Hard Work Won't Go Unnoticed

Many of our members cite joining the band as one of the best decisions they make when they commit to Georgia Tech – it’s an excellent way to decompress after a day of classes. But that doesn’t mean we’re not serious about our music. The musical and visual proficiency and skill we demand from our members is second to none. You’ll come away from Georgia Tech not only with a degree, but also as a better performer.

A group of friends hanging out in a campus building.

Make Friends For Life

Joining the Marching Band is one of the easiest ways to make friends at Georgia Tech. You’ll instantly be surrounded by other students that all love music as much as you do, and from there, it’s easy to find others with even more similar interests. These relationships don’t just stop when you get a diploma. Many of our alumni keep track of each other long after they earn their degrees.


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