The Marching Band performing around the Campanile fountain.



The Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Marching Band is the key component to music and spirit on gameday, but they aren't alone in their efforts. They are supported by other groups that, while smaller, are no less important in bringing smiles and cheers from the crowd. Read on to meet these ensembles, learn about what they do, and what it takes to join them.

Pep Bands

The Pep Band playing at a gig.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

The Pep bands are mostly made of members of the Marching band, and what our student musicians do during the Spring semester. There are actually two of them: one supports the basketball teams, while the other supports the volleyball teams. But regardless of the sport, our Pep bands are dedicated to getting the crowd ready and rowdy to cheer on the Yellow Jackets to victory.


The Georgia Tech Drumline playing in Yellow Jacket Alley.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

The literal rhythm and backbone to the band, the Yellow Jacket Drumline is a fixture in Yellow Jacket Alley during pregame, and in the center of the action on the field before the game and during halftime. Only the most dedicated and skilled of our percussionists are members, giving the band one of the finest drumlines in the country. 

Color Guard

A member of the color guard performing on the field.
Photo: Georgia Tech School of Music

Wherever the Marching Band goes, you don't have to look far to find a member of the color guard. They're always alongside the band, providing carefully choreographed dance routines to complement the music, and bringing their unique energy and spirit to get the crowd ready to cheer for the Yellow Jackets.

School of Music Ensembles

Is playing in Marching Band not your only musical ambition? Do you also enjoy Jazz, Orchestra, Choral, or more contemporary Rock and Pop music? We've got plenty of options to choose from. To learn more, visit our ensembles page at the School of Music.


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