Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive information about the fall?

- After admission's deposits are in Georgia Tech Admissions will send a message to all incoming first year students about the music opportunities at Georgia Tech. 

- There will be specific information about how to join the various ensembles.

Is Marching Band taken as a class?

- YesAll Georgia Tech ensembles offered through the School of Music are taken as a class. Each class carries humanities and/ or free elective credit that can be applied to any degree program.

How do auditions work?

- Every member of the "Yellow Jacket" Marching Band must complete an audition. Audition information will be sent out in early July.

Winds: 3 major scales and the school fight songs




What are the costs associated with participation in the various ensembles?

–First-year Marching Band instrumentalists pay a one time fee of $350. This covers all band attire, uniform cleaning, and other dues.

- Marching Band members will keep the majority of their uniform.

–Concert ensembles require concert dress 

Are scholarships available?

–We do not offer scholarships at this time. There are opportunities for students involved in the band program to receive financial support through service and leadership.

Are practice rooms available?

–Yes! The Couch building practice rooms are accessible by Buzzcard.

–Practice Room access can be rented through the School of Music MORE INFORMATION HERE

Is there a place to store personal instruments?

–Yes! We have an instrument storage room that can be accessed by Buzzcard at any hour of the day.

–Lockers can be rented through the School of Music MORE INFORMATION HERE

–School instrument rentals are available 

What if I have a conflict with a class? 

-   DON’T PANIC! Plan to be in the ensemble you want. Most conflicts can be resolved when Phase II registration begins in August.