A cheerleader and a tuba player trade instrument and pom poms to pose for a picture.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

The Marching Band is dedicated to ensuring that anyone who wants to join feels welcome and included during their time at Georgia Tech. How do we do this? We're a unique marching band in a lot of respects, and how we welcome in new members is no different.

We wear the same white and gold

We are one of the most diverse marching bands in the country. Georgia Tech does not offer a traditional music major, so every member of our band is earning their degree in a separate discipline. With the exception of the Bachelor of Science in Music Technology, this means that everyone in the band is majoring in a discipline that isn’t based on music. They join the band because they love music and their school enough to come rehearse and play after a long day of studying.

But our band also goes the extra mile to make sure first-year students feel included and welcome at Georgia Tech from Day 1. Each first-year student is issued a RAT (Recently Acquired Tech student) Cap and a RAT Parent. The RAT Parent makes sure that each RAT acclimates smoothly to life at Tech, helping them every step along the way. This includes everything from when to come to practice to finding places to eat when meals aren’t provided. Many students report that their relationship with their RAT parent lasts for a long time afterward.


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